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S2 bs 3-12x42md vs s3 3.5-10x44md

30 May 2019
@ 06:43 am (GMT)

David Kopp

Im going insane with this. Is it worth the time and effort to swap to s3? What will i gain? Besides the obivous 30mm tube and weight and parallax adjustment, better turrets. It’s on a t3 swede that has been worked on. And working on a sps tact 308 and will be the final resting place. Any help aka head shake (lol) will be appreciated.


01 Jun 2019
@ 03:20 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: S2 bs 3-12x42md vs s3 3.5-10x44md
Sounds like you have more that one gun and will in the future. You will regret getting rid of that big sky some day. If you can afford to keep it, keep it and find an S3. I found a used 6-24 mil/mil and I am now going to sell my Leupolds and switch them out to Sightrons. I would take that Big Sky and use it on my .22, my .270, on any gun I was working on for someone else. It is money in the bank. You won't find as good a scope at that price point again.

A lifetime scope is money saved in the long run.
06 Jun 2019
@ 06:36 am (GMT)

David Kopp

Re: S2 bs 3-12x42md vs s3 3.5-10x44md
Yes Robert I do. I started with T3 in 6.5swede that will have 3-12x40 and my latest project is rem sps tac 308 that will start with a 3-9x40 vx1 that will upgrade to s3 3.5-10x44 mil/cm. Im working with dual loading the t3 for white/mule to 400yds and rem with 200gr eld-x deer and maybe moose. Max 200yds for moose and 300 for deer.

After finally owning a sightron there is no comparison. As long as we look past there price point.


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