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Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag

03 Apr 2019
@ 05:20 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

New Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag. May at some time in the future morph into the Practical. I thought the rings that came with the Sightron were good but maybe not so much. Aluminum and no name visible. This Scope was on a 243 so may have been fine for that, but I'm not confident, so not going on the Sendero.

I've been looking around and it is hard to find a Steel Rail these days everything seems to be Aluminum. Warne, Nightforce X-Treme models are what i have found.

Leary of the Aluminum Rails beyond the 2 different metal issue. Should I be?

Burris Signature Zee rings seem get love here so that is good enough for me. The Zee rings come with inserts that add cant? The rail can have cant. How much cant could I need in the future with the Siii 6-24 if I am going to try to go long. I do have access to a possible 1200 yard range.

Anyway I am thinking the med. ZEE signature and the 20 moa steel Warne rail should give me all I would ever need.

I know I have read this here or in the books somewhere but I am buying right soon and haven't been able to search it down.

Want to buy the right stuff the first time.


03 Apr 2019
@ 07:43 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag

Any advice on getting that perfect mount would be appreciated.
04 Apr 2019
@ 01:57 am (GMT)

bryan long

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Steel is real

I've the Zee rings, come with 10 moa inserts. Great kit
04 Apr 2019
@ 03:39 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Robert - I don't have a Sendero so all this may be moot.

Regarding the Burris rings: the best system ever. Have used them since they came out last century. However, it is the diameter of your objective that determines your ring height. In one instance, I was mounting my Sightron on a Barnard action, and the Zee rings were not capable of providing enough height. I had to go to the XTR line (still Burris) to get a usable mount. The one drawback of the XTR is that they are a true Picatinny style mount, which means that I had to machine the rear surface of the rail slots (Weaver style) so they would fit. You can also get 20MOA inserts which allow for a combined 40MOA adjustment.

Aluminum rails have worked fine on some pretty heavy recoilers. The way I see it (and if I'm wrong, I am open to being corrected, please), is that with a Weaver or Picatinny style ring and base, the recoil forces acting upon them are negligible. The fit between the ring and the rail is reminiscent of the recoil lug on a rifle. The clamping forces cover a large area of the rail and are very secure. I switch my scopes and rings to various rifles on a regular basis and have never seen any evidence of wear or having been battered by recoil.
04 Apr 2019
@ 03:44 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Rereading your post, if your concern about "the 2 different metal issue" was in regards to galvanic reaction, I don't think you have to worry too much. If I recall, you are in the foothills and there probably isn't too much marine type salt air. A light coat of gun oil and you'd be good to go.
04 Apr 2019
@ 06:13 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Ok, so the galvanic action may not be an issue here and some lube would do the job. I just feel better with steel and in this case weight is not something I am going to worry about.

The point on picatinny and weaver rail differences is something that never dawned on me. Thanks for pointing that out. The would have been a Do' moment...

I haven't seen any Canadian sites listing the steel EGW's, I need to look closer.

Will need to do my homework on height though. I was sure I read somewhere on here that the medium Zee's would do it with a warne 20mm rail on a Sendero but I can't seem to find it now. Will have to measure up.

thanks guys.
04 Apr 2019
@ 07:01 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
I remember that post about the medium rings as well. Where? Not sure. And further to this my scope has the 56mm objective, and I believe the medium rings suit the 50mm lens. That post is here somewhere, and I'm sure it was in a response from Nathan, but after that it gets foggy (normal).
04 Apr 2019
@ 09:14 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Yes I believe so too. I think the only issue is that there sometimes had to be some grinding down at the back of the rail because the eye piece rubbed depending on individual preference. Maybe it is one of the books. Its time I read them again anyway. Should read them every winter...

foggy yes...

So much great info on here through out the years. If one could just read all of Nathans posts in one place. Context would be missing but it is always so good anyway and one could then reference back to find context.

06 Apr 2019
@ 08:11 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Hi Robert, sorry I have been away teaching.

On the Sendero, combinations may include:

Warne rail, Leupold rail (including cheaper one - can't remember name, something like back country), Weaver multi slot rail and EGW.

20 MOA is ideal if you can obtain it.


For the S-TAC series of scope, I suggest the EGW rail due to the scalloped shape of the cross slots. This will give clearance for the large zoom ring.

Ali or steel is fine, the above are all strong. The ali units are anodized and survive the harshest coastal weather here.

Rings - Leupold or Burris Zee Posi align. Medium height is correct for the 6-24x50 and S-TAC 4-20. Both are steel, both work well. If using the Burris ring set, make sure you re-torque the following morning after the initial set up. Thats the key to making sure these stay secure for years.

You can try employing the canted ring inserts with the canted base. On the Sendero, you will most likely find that this puts you on the 1 line of your elevation turret with quite a bit of room to dial down if need be. You can bore sight at home to obtain general confirmation of this, checking that the canted inserts do indeed suit without driving the turret down too low.

I have a mixture of all of the above on my rifles.

Avoid anything with bubble levels mounted into the system, high rings or vertical split rings as per the book series.

10 Apr 2019
@ 08:10 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Lucky students,

Just made a decision today on a rail before I saw your post. Hoping I didn't screw up.

I ran into a shop in Camrose Alberta, Near MFG that is making Steel milspec rails and one piece ring setups. After asking and researching, heard nothing but great things. Bought one of the 30 MOA rails. Figured that would be enough cant, never thought of too much... The Warne steel rail was the same price in the big box hunting store we have here so I though I would give a local guy the business. Got kind of mentally stuck on wanting a Steel rail and rings combo.

Still haven't decided on the rings yet. The Timney 512 is on the way.

Love this gun. I think I will call her Shirley. As in Shirley there must be some room left on my credit card for dies, brass, powder, primers and bullets.

11 Apr 2019
@ 07:22 am (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: Rings and Rail for a Sendero II 7mm Rem Mag
Now I am spooked so I had to do the math again...

My logic on the purchase of the 30 moa base version is that should leave me with 20 moa of travel beneath on center with a 100 moa scope.. Some rifle, ring, scope combo may need some of those to Zero but I feal pretty save.

The rail I chose only comes in 10 or 30 MOA versions. The Sightron SIII 6-24 comes with 100 moa or 29.1 mils of travel.

I have to mil version so it complicates things but it still should work the same. 30 moa is rounded to 8.726 mils. So with 14.55 up and down travel that should leave me with 5.824 mils on the bottom.

With out getting into bullet drop charts. That much travel should give me the range to go down some if I need to and go way out there 1000+ yards or meters with the 7mm rem mag if my eyes, form, gun and ammo with do it accurately.

I can always dream...

I feel safe, should I?

I love math and I do trust that the Sightron SIII is accurate to the math...


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