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Sightron s11 big sky 6.5-20 tracking

12 Feb 2019
@ 11:13 am (GMT)

Jacob Greenlaw

Morning Gentlemen,
Just wondering if any of you have checked the reticle movement to the top of your turret movement.
My big sky reticle stops moving at 34.75 but turret keeps going until 39.
Not an issue as it is still very repeatable but its a need to know if dialling for the long shots. I only found it out after having large errors in dope after 1250y with a Rem mag. Turns out the reticle wasn't dialling anymore!!
However the tracking is still repeatable and similar error as when I tested it when new.
It does appear to have the reticle slightly canted compared to turrets and picks up 0.5moa in the first 20moa range an then stays to that error out to 30moa. Further testing is needed to see if its cumulative in the first 20moa of it jumps a click extra somewhere.


14 Feb 2019
@ 01:08 pm (GMT)

Jacob Greenlaw

Re: Sightron s11 big sky 6.5-20 tracking
Further testing with a more accurate measure shows I must of stuffed up the marks in first 20moa.. It tracked perfectly true to moa right out to 30moa.
It's just the reticle stopping before the turret that caught me out.

Testing of the stac 4-20 wasn't as true to moa but I'll repeat the test again with fresh eyes before making a call on its tracking.

15 Feb 2019
@ 07:40 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: Sightron s11 big sky 6.5-20 tracking
If it's not tracking to specification as per the manual book graph. Send it back. [b]


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