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Picatinny Rail and Rings vs. Talley Lightweights or Similar

19 Oct 2018
@ 04:49 am (GMT)

Ryan Nafe


What are your thoughts on the merits of each system? Why would you go with one over the other?

I’ve used Leupold standard bases and rings in the past but I’d like to try a different approach on the new rifle.

The way I see it is this:

Talley Lightweights are cheaper, more simplistic, and as long as they’re lapped and properly torqued down, they should be fine. But they don’t offer the flexibility of mounting positions that a rail does, and a rail may also be more sturdy if the rifle is dropped or otherwise knocked around.


19 Oct 2018
@ 07:28 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Picatinny Rail and Rings vs. Talley Lightweights or Similar
Hi Ryan, you have pretty much answered your own questions and covered the ins and outs.

These newer Talley rings are of a better design than the vertical split ring scope killers. But do keep in mind that they are thin ali, so you must not overtorque them as the threads will strip quite easily. When using ali, the material thickness should really be doubled. For example, double the screw depth (and screw length) to obtain more contact between the screw and ring- not more torque. But being that these are 'light weight', this has been omitted. Actually, I may as well throw out my copy of Machinery's handbook as it seems physics is just a thing of the past and metallurgy is now in the same realms as alchemy.

A rail is certainly versatile. Weaver style bases are not so flexible but still very useful.
19 Oct 2018
@ 01:49 pm (GMT)

Ryan Nafe

Re: Picatinny Rail and Rings vs. Talley Lightweights or Similar
Nathan, I feel ya on the whole “metallurgy and materials science is not actually real” thing. I’ve been battling the same ideas for years with regards to my knife hobby.

My cynicism and general loss of all hope reaches level 9,000 when I see or hear some version of:

“That science stuff is fine, but it doesn’t actually mean anything to me. I’m only concerned about real-world experiences.”

As if peer-reviewed papers and replicated experiments are conducted in another dimension. (Facepalm)
07 Jan 2019
@ 03:07 am (GMT)

Ed Sybert

Re: Picatinny Rail and Rings vs. Talley Lightweights or Similar
With all due respect, any screw can be over torqued. I've had to drill out allen-head ring screws over torqued by previous owner in steel Leupold rings. With the change to Torx ring screws, it is certainly possible to over torque, but with reasonable care they can be tightened properly to prevent scope movement in steel or aluminum rings. I personally use the Talley lightweight "all in one" bases/rings on my lightweight hunting rifles. On the heavier varmint and target rifles, I happy with Weaver bases or rails and heavier rings as well. The great Leupold QRW or PRW rings are my choice with the Weaver or rail bases. -Ed


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