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Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44 LRMD reticle

22 Jul 2018
@ 10:19 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Just some photos so that you can each study the reticle and FOV of the 3.5-10. Note that the image quality is limited as a result of the camera angles etc so pay no attention to this. I simply want to give you an idea of what the target view looks like at the two extremes of its zoom range. This is a good scope for those who want something compact on a .308, a .30-06 or even to extend the range of a Whelen. There are many ways to put this scope to use as a means to extend the useful range of a cartridge.

OK, here we go:

Around 150 yards through bush, 3.5 power.

Close up.

At 506 yards on 10 power.

Close up.

The rifle, .308 M700 SPS mated to B&C stock, bedded, Timney trigger. I put this particular rifle together myself for a client some years ago. This is the sort of rig I like to teach folk how to put together and accurize for themselves in the book series, also fully explained in the Remington trouble troubleshooting video (video subject rifle 7mm Rem Mag).


25 Jul 2018
@ 05:24 am (GMT)

David Gausepohl

Re: Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44 LRMD reticle
Nice practical rig.
12 Jul 2021
@ 08:23 pm (GMT)

David Landwehr

Re: Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44 LRMD reticle
Sorry to drag up and old topic but this is just what I've been looking for. I've just pup money down on a 308 and I've been looking for a compact scooe where I can see the reticle. I own 3 other sightrons so happy days. Can't wait to get it together but application will take a while.


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