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New scope at the range

21 May 2018
@ 02:06 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

I finally made it to the range with the new Sightron. Unbelievable. The difference in optical clarity is beyond explanation. It is truly amazing.

But...........being old and feeble minded, I left the adjustment inserts for the Burris rings on my work bench, so I only had the 0/0 inserts with me. After boresighting, I found I was about 19MOA low, and with no way of altering this. What the heck. Try using the 20MOA hash mark. Perfect. If I had been in this situation with any of my other scopes, I would have been screwed. Even though it was a fireforming exercise, I was able to shoot to POA consistently without guessing. This hash mark and hold-off is all brand new to me, and to tell the truth, I was a more than a little concerned to put out that kind of cash for an unknown scope. Turns out it is exactly what was needed, and performed flawlessly.


21 May 2018
@ 03:44 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: New scope at the range
On your second focal plane scope you have to have the power set to maximum so the hash marks are going to give you the correct measurements.

On first focal plane scopes the hash marks are always correct at any magnification - but there are times in early morning and late in the day at lower light that your crosshairs are not visible enough as the crosshairs change in size as you move the power adjustments unless you have an illuminated hash or dot you may not get your shot while hunting in poor light. This is not an issue with scond focal plane scopes as the crosshairs do not change in thickness with changing power settings.


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