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Every time it rains I miss my open sights

28 Mar 2018
@ 12:59 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

HI guys
Who else still hunts with an open sighted rifles?
As some of you know I have a 35/303 rifle which I still run the adaptor battle sights on. anyway was out trying to locate some roaring reds on the weekend, I had my 270 with me and the weather was pretty horrible I felt myself wishing I had my good old open sighted rifle with me knowing that if I pulled it up in a hurry I would have a clear right picture, they would be no water drops on lenses, no bits of scrub getting stuck on lenses and no covers to quickly try and pull off.

Will be back down that way in a week or so it's all bush stalking, might tidy up my loads for my 35/303 and take that, will be something specially if I get nice big red with it.


29 Mar 2018
@ 08:42 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Every time it rains I miss my open sights
Hi Thomas, there are times like this when I miss my open sights too (also snow). Certainly an interesting subject to investigate.

What you may find, is that with the current stock pitches, it can be best to have a rear sight with a weaver type clamp so that you take your scope off, then fit the open sight, rather than try to make auxillery sights work in with the optics. The trouble with an aux V sight is that the scope bases often prevent us from seeing the V (scopes can also force us to remove the V sight)). With an aux peep (that stays mounted), ring height can be a concern. If you use low rings, the scope hits the peep, plus it can be hard to use a peep this low, cannot crush the cheek down far enough. With high rings, the cheek is lifted too high off the stock when using optics (as per my current Enfield set up- though I still love the system). With either type of sight, the stock pitch can be wrong. A clamp on rear peep sight can prevent height issues but the unit poses extra weight / kit.

With any of these systems, there is a measure of time lost if the scope has to be removed. It is therefore something that is best planned before leaving base camp of a morning or afternoon. An AR type sight could work for those wanting instant access, though the left mounted Bren type would be better under high recoil and not interfere with a bolt action.

I do notice a disparity between theory and reality. This is not an easy subject when taking stock design and other fatcors into consideration.

Certainly a lot to think about.
29 Mar 2018
@ 09:17 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Every time it rains I miss my open sights
With regards to who still hunts with open sights, Steph and I have been using open sighted rifles extensively since November. I have only fired a few shots with a scoped rifle when hunting over the last 5 months. Swings and roundabouts for us. Its very important that all skills are maintained.
29 Mar 2018
@ 04:15 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: Every time it rains I miss my open sights
Being three days older than dirt, it is tough to use open sights out to any range. On the 22s, out to about 10 or 15 metres, not bad. Better at 5 -10m of course. Can still get the acquisition, just can't get the accuracy. Now use semi-autos (Nylon 66 and a 10-22) just in case the first doesn't connect.


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