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It would be so much easier.......

22 Mar 2018
@ 04:30 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

....if they only offered one model.

Making the move to a Sightron. Slll SS 8-32X56mm LRMOA probably....or maybe not. Maybe the MOA-H.....or maybe not. Maybe Don't like the dot. Will I ever use the "tree"? Will the hash marks suffice? If I don't buy the H and need it, I won't have it. If I buy it and never use it, I still have the option to use it later. Only $40 difference. Buy the H.... yes. Buy the H for all the wrong reasons.....first reason: the cool factor. Can I learn how to use it? No doubt about that. Second reason: refer to #1. Looks fairly scope. If something changes, shift and shoot.

Next problem....having a hard time finding Burris inserts for a 30mm tube. That really sucks the big one.


24 Mar 2018
@ 03:51 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: It would be so much easier.......
Hi Paul

Try the

I've been using a Tract Toric scope for a few months, very very happy with them, well worth a look!!!
24 Mar 2018
@ 03:55 pm (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: It would be so much easier.......
For the ring inserts, send Scott an email I'm sure he'll help you.

Bob [b]
25 Mar 2018
@ 06:21 pm (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: It would be so much easier.......
Thanks, Bob. Nice scope you have there. One of the main reasons for choosing the 8X32 was the eye relief. Another was the magnification. I have a 3.5X10 for one of my hunters, more than enough. But I also have two 36X's for my target rifles. Problem being the one target magnum is too light for the scope's eye relief, so I get kissed every time I pull the trigger. Not hard mind you, but enough to tell me I need to pay attention. With the 8X32, I take a minimal step down in magnification but a considerable gain in eye relief. I've tried a couple of scopes in the 20X range, and while quite adequate, I still find myself wanting more. I've also tried the 45Xs, 50Xs and found them not any where near as clear as they should be for the money you pay.

I have a letter in to Burris and will wait to see what they say. It's so frustrating when you see what the factory offers, and then what the retailers sell. Case in point, Burris says the rings come with a complete set of inserts, retailer states that the +/-0.00 set comes with the rings.

I decided on, and ordered the MOA-H, non-illuminated. I just couldn't see myself needing the illuminated reticle, but I'll probably prove myself wrong yet again. If so, it gives me an excuse to get another scope some day.
28 Mar 2018
@ 12:46 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: It would be so much easier.......
HI Paul how are you?
confusing work this scope stuff I own 5 sightrons
2-7 rimfire needs moa/mil reticle
2-10 stac hhr needs illuminated reticles or thicker reticles for low light hunting
3-16 stac moa don't like the centre dot but same as above as reticles are little fine.
4-16 bigsky mildot don't like the front parralax adjustment
6-24 s3 mildot this is probably my favourite, just shame they don't offer same bold reticle but in moa.

I have looked into tract after Bob mentioned it, they tend to only offer standard reticle or bdc style below centre which is disappointing
the one moa they offer is ffp.

It's really hard to find the perfect scope, wanting to have a look at the nikon black serious at some stage.

I believe the Burris 1 inch rings only come with 0moa inserts the 10moa has to be brought separate
think 30mm comes with both 0 and 10moa inserts.
There's also alloy Burris xtr rings now with inserts but they aren't exactly a thing of beauty.

29 Mar 2018
@ 11:43 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: It would be so much easier.......
I love my 2-10x42 Tract Toric. It has the BDC reticle, The reticle works perfect out to 500yds, that's as far as I've tested the reticle, on long shots I dial up.
I can't fault it, love it, beautiful bright optics, I prefer to use it over my NXS.

The 4" eye relief caused me a little bit of a problem, my mounts wouldn't let me mount it forward quiet enough (I'm a bit annal) so I added 3/8" to the butt.

I'm seriously thinking of selling my NXS and buying the new 4-20x50 I think they've really got it sorted.

At 20x the cross hairs only cover 1.4" at 1000yds.
At 4x turn up the illumination and use it like a red dot scope[b]
29 Apr 2018
@ 01:56 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: It would be so much easier.......
The 8-32X finally showed up. Nice. Still waiting on rings, should be here any day. Then out to the range.


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