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Sightron SIII 10 x 42 vs Leupold vx-2 4-12 X 40

15 Feb 2018
@ 12:44 pm (GMT)

Robert McLean

Hello all, I am a hunter from the great white north, Alberta. Believe me it is really white here today...

So, simple question because I don't think I have much time to decide. I can buy a Sightron SIII 10x42 for pretty much what I can sell my Leupold for give or take $100. Someone is going to scoop it up if I don't. I have a .270 win. and we hunt the Alberta prairie, mule deer and moose mostly. Shots of 200 out to 350 meters generally... Don't ever remember changing my Magnification in the field from max. I'm bit put off by the Tac. turrets being so out there. My Leupold's are secure under caps.

I'm interested in your opinions.


15 Feb 2018
@ 02:09 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron SIII 10 x 42 vs Leupold vx-2 4-12 X 40
Hi Robert, seems it is going around (snow), a friend in Utah reports the same today.

Its up to you really, I prefer the glass on the Sightron, plus the locked tracking (more so when using heavy magnums). The 10 power appears brighter and closer than some others. You might also want to consider the SIII 3.5-10x42 as this has covers for the turrets.

You can never really go wrong with an SIII and even if it does not suit this rig, you won't want to part with it and will want to put it on another rifle. So its a win win if the price is good.



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