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Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII

10 Nov 2017
@ 05:39 pm (GMT)


This may be a question for Nathan, as I have seen him write that he uses both, one on each of his go-to rifles:

How does quality of the Sightron S-TAC 4-20x50 MOA-2 compare with the Sightron SIII SS 6-24x50 LR MOA-2 ?

I can get the former here in the States for about $367 - $399 USD and the latter for a little less than $800 USD.

I have the S-TAC with Duplex Reticle and like it quite well, though the zoom ring is a bit chunky and oversize.


11 Nov 2017
@ 02:57 pm (GMT)


Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
12 Nov 2017
@ 12:53 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
I have the older Stac 2.5 to 17.5x50 with parallax adjustments allowing focus as close as 10 yards.

The turrrets track reliably but are reltively easy to move accidentally. I really prefer a scope with a ZeroStop like on the Nightforce and Burris XTR II scopes I have, but cannot complain about how effective this scope has been. It is mounted on a Model 700P LTR .308 Winchester rifle and does well for what I use it for. THe reticle is their MOA-3 with the illumitated read dot center. I think that my Nightforce MOAR reticle is a huge improvement over that but for strictly hunting it works very well. For shooting targets out to 800 meters or so it is not as good by comparison, however the price difference is huge. The newer STAC scopes you mentioned I have not used nor handled at all so cannot judge them properly, but given their pricing on them I assume they are decent scopes but are less robust. For overall general hunting I do not like a scope with the lowest power of 6x so the 6-24x50 or etc are of less interest to me. (too much magnification for close shots in timber as well as parallax adjustments that are not adjustable down as far as my STAC with 10 yards). If you are hunting really open country the S-III scopes should work really well as well as probably being a bit more higher end ones. Hopefully Nathan can offer his view as he has used or seen them all. None of our dealers up where I live sell the Sightrons so I had to order mine sight unseen.
12 Nov 2017
@ 05:59 am (GMT)


Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
Thx for the reply, Bryan. I have 11 scoped rifles and will be buying at least four more.
The price of the S-TAC 4-20x50 puts it in the price range of the Leupold VX3i line.
I am considering three more S-TAC and one SIII
If there is some quality reason that I am unaware of that I should cleave to the SIII then I will sell off some of the rifles and move to the more expensive scopes.
Out here in New Mexico we have extremely wide open spaces and I am feeling the lure of long-range hunting.
Any input on the quality issue would be greatly appreciated.
12 Nov 2017
@ 09:18 am (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
I cannot comment on the lowerpriced stac scopes you ask about here, but the SIII appears to be their top end for a long range hunting scope.

Again,hopefully Nathan or others who have or have handle more of them can comment on this.
13 Nov 2017
@ 09:14 am (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
Hi John, I can speak for the scopes I have here. The STAC 4-20 with MOA reticle is every bit as good as my SIII 6-24. The only difference is that the power zoom ring is wider and in some cases, depending on the rings used, the power ring can touch the scope base. The base can be scalloped if need be, or we can use high rings (I prefer to dremel a small unseen furrow in the base).

Otherwise, there is little else to say. If you want to shoot way out (extreme), the STAC has 80 MOA travel versus 100 MOA for the SIII. So you will need to factor this in.
13 Nov 2017
@ 12:07 pm (GMT)


Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
Well, Nathan, I was hoping you would say that about the relative quality of these scopes. The S-TAC glass I have looks quite good, the rest of the scopes I have are a mix of Japanese mfg SII s and Leupold vx3i s.

So, buying one SIII 6-24x50 and the other three S-TAC, while keeping all the LR rifles with 30mm rings, should give me the ability to mix and match while keeping costs down.

Super, thanks for the straight dope.
20 Nov 2017
@ 04:42 am (GMT)

Kenneth Kephart

Re: Sightron S-TAC vs. SIII
Long time reader, first time poster.

I've also been looking at the STAC series. Especially after having purchased a Vortex Diamondbach Tactical 4-12X40.
While the scope tracks nicely ( and i bought it mainly for the VMR1 reticle) for the price it's a piece of junk.
Hence the want/need to upgrade.

I had never even heard of Sightron before this website.


We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.