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Bushnell Elite 6500

16 Mar 2017
@ 06:12 pm (GMT)

Andy Hrelja

Hi all, I know many other scopes get mentioned here, and I'd love to check out the sightrons but alas there's nowhere anywhere near where I live to actually pick one up and check it out. I did however get the chance to have a look at a Bushnell Elite 6500 - (2.5-16x42) with a mildot reticle. To my eyes it looked the goods but I was wondering if anyone has had any first hand experience with this line of Bushnell scopes.

I'm looking for something to put onto my shiny new Lithgow LA102 in 308 :)

And I'm being realistic here. I don't expect to be pulling off any shots greater than 500m. Where I hunt generally I wouldn't be able to get a clear shot any further than that any way.

Cheers :)


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