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Sightron spotting scopes

13 Jan 2017
@ 10:01 pm (GMT)

Steven Sanders

Has anyone used any of the Sightron spotting scopes and if so what is your opinion of them also does sightron make a range finding binocular I don't see one maybe I missed it.


15 Jan 2017
@ 10:11 am (GMT)

Hamish Gibbs

Re: Sightron spotting scopes
Hi Steven, no and no I don't think they make a rangefindinding bino, just the s11 spotter, no experience with them myself but did read an interesting product lineup test featuring 27 different spotters including the s11 20/60 85. Doesn't really feature individual reviews but goes through all the desirable and different features of a spotter. To sum up I'd say it did really well and once again bloody good bang for buck, this was Sept 2015 mind. Article starts page 54 NZ hunter magazine issue 48 if your struggling.
15 Jan 2017
@ 05:11 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: Sightron spotting scopes
Not in spotting scopes but their SIIIMS832TAC binoculars have a range finding reticle if you are into that. My Swarovski EL binoculars have (to me) one of the better rangefinders built into it.

For a newly released rangefinder that is going to go for a decent cost and ranges farther out than I will shoot check out Bryan Litz' Applied Ballistics web site where they will be selling them. Pretty awesome range finder indeed.



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