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Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06

31 Dec 2012
@ 04:36 pm (GMT)

Richard H

Hello Nathan,

Got your ebook and sure have enjoyed it. My hat is off to you for a well written book with lots of info.

Where I live, most deer are shot at 100yds or less and 200yds is a long shot. But I plan on a few deer/hog/antelope/goat/sheep hunts in South Carolina and/or Texas where I may get to shoot out to 300+ yds. My caliber of choice is either 257 Roberts 25-06 Remington, depending on suitable rifles. I do not like recoil and feel it best to learn on a softer shooting platform. My X bolt in 308 is a bit too much for me (but vastly improving due to your tutorials!) and I want a lighter shooting platform.

What would be a good "lifetime purchase" optic for these calibers? Say on a Winchester M70 Sporter or Featherweight (22 in and 7lbs for 257 Roberts and 24 in and 7.5lbs for 25-06)? I want something that I can use out to the limits of the calibre and cartridge. Which from what I can gather is about 460 yds for 257 Roberts with a sleek frangible Speer bullet and maybe a bit more than that for the 25-06.

I am looking at the Nikon Monarch in 3-12x42 SF for $460 or the Nikon Monarch Gold in 2.5-10x50 SF for $760. I have considered the Monarch X in 2.5-10x44 SF, but it is $1300 and that seems a bit of a premium and I cannot tell what it would do that the others could not. Similarly, I looked at the regular Nikon Monarch 2.5x-10x42 for $420, but it has a set parallax at 100 yds - is that even a problem for a rifle shooting out to 450 yds? The 50mm objective on the 2.5-10x50 seems a bit largish for this type of rifle, but what do I know - I use a Monarch 2-8x32 now and that seems fine for my 100 yd shots.

I am open to getting other brands, but I want this rifle not to be unbalanced. No little rifle with a huge scope on it for me. It is a huntig rifle first and a platform to experiment with 300-450 yd shots on occasionaly hunts and at the 300 yd local range where I shoot. I am ok with paying more if I get something that will be useful to me as my skills grow.

Thanks to all who respond.


01 Jan 2013
@ 10:55 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06
Hi Richard, there are two Nikon threads on this forum which will help you. One is titled Nikon Buckmaster impressions, the other is titled 'scope for a .260'.

Please read the threads and have a think about things. I do highly recommend the Sightron brand but in saying that, factors such as errors in Nikon scope turret calibration will not be a huge issue on a .25-06 if it is only used to say 500 yards.

If you are able to afford a high end optic and are looking for something around 10 power, I do highly recommend the Sightron SIII 3.5-10 model. It has a 30mm tube and fantastic turrets. But, the 3.5-10 is a premium priced scope so it depends on what you can afford. This is a very good scope for mid range cartridges and works exceptionally well on the .308's where intended usage is to ranges of around 650 yards.

02 Jan 2013
@ 12:09 am (GMT)

Richard H

Re: Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06
Thanks Nathan,

The Sightron SIII 3.5-10x44 is about $700 to $800 here in the USA. That is not too much for a quality optic that will last me a long time. It does seem a bit heavy and longish for a scope, but the other internet reviews are very, very positive.

I read the articles also.

The SIII would compare to the Nikon Monarch X as far as features (30mm tube, parallax adjustment, etc.), but the Nikon is about $600 more... That is a convincing argument!

Now I need to decide which reticle to get. Probably get the Plex.


02 Jan 2013
@ 12:46 am (GMT)

jason brown

Re: Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06
iv got a sIII and i really like my moa reticle with moa turrets. and id do the same again.
02 Jan 2013
@ 09:08 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06
I generally prefer the mil dot reticles over the plex reticles. The Sightron mil dot reticles are soild enough that they can be used up till dark, looking down into dark valleys, used on black furred game- pretty outstanding really. On a night with a full moon, the reticle stays visible out to 300 yards once the moon is up. This level of clarity is apparent in both the SII and SIII big sky models.

With a mil dot reticle, you can use the dots for windage, this is a good primary function in a sporting application. In time and only if it interests you, you can learn how to use the mil dots as they were designed, widening your hobby.

I have not used the MOA reticle in the dark yet (just after dusk). I need to spend more time with this.
03 Jan 2013
@ 08:31 pm (GMT)

jason brown

Re: Suitable scope for 257 Roberts or 25-06
i do find the moa reticle lighter than the mildot. as in, more faint. its ok though.


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