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7mm wsm

10 Nov 2012
@ 05:12 pm (GMT)

stephan bieganek

What is the best berger bullet to use in a winchester model 70 7mm wsm?


12 Nov 2012
@ 02:43 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: 7mm wsm
From what I read, most of the guys are shooting the 168 gr. Berger has the Hybrid which is supposed to be easier to find the sweet spot when seating the bullet. The 168 Hybrids are new, so they are hard to fine. I'll stay with the Amax because they are easier to find a good load. Good luck!
12 Nov 2012
@ 05:07 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: 7mm wsm
Hi Stephan, it will depend on the twist rate of your rifle and what you intend to do with the rifle (hunting versus target).

I would advise against the Berger for hunting unless you are hunting very tough deer species, the jackets are simply too stout now for reliable performance. Jim has made excellent suggestions.

Please refer to the knowledge base for more info.

If posting again, could you please put your bullet questions in either the long range section of the forum or rifles general discussion. Thanks.
15 Nov 2012
@ 08:53 pm (GMT)

stephan bieganek

Re: 7mm wsm
Would you recommend a 168 berger for elk?


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