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Leica CRF 1000 opinions?

22 Oct 2012
@ 07:02 pm (GMT)

Matt Reid

Hi there, does anyone have experience with this rangefinder? I can't find a lot of info on this model. Primarily wanting to know max practical ranging abiltity.

I currently have a Bushnell scout 1000 that gets me to 5-600 max on shooting sized targets and would be interested to know if the Leica is a worthwhile upgrade or not.

Cheers, Matt


22 Oct 2012
@ 09:51 pm (GMT)

Jim Moseley

Re: Leica CRF 1000 opinions?
The Leica is far superior.....just upgrade to the 1600 series. I have the CFR 1200 and the glass is great. I have to mount mine on a tripod to get good readings, just can not hand hold the laser steady enough. I can range a deer in an open field out to around 800 yds. After that, the beam divergence is to wide, so you have to range a bush or tree limb. If you really have the money to spend, take a look at the G7 BR2 rangefinder. You can load your ballistics into the rangefinder and it will calculate the shooting solution factoring in temp, altitude, air pressure, incline. Cost $1600. You can input 5 different loads. It will range out to 2000 yds, but will only calculate the solution to 1400 yds. Leica no longer make the CFR 1200, the 1600 replaced it. Good luck.[b]


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