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165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308

17 Jan 2016
@ 04:55 am (GMT)

david root

Hi friends,
I'd like to hear your thoughts on pros and cons of the 165/168 grain bullets vs. the 180 class, for a 308.
Let me first say I've read all the books and the knowledge base on 308 several times, drank the cool aid, took the green pill and I'm ready to learn the secret handshake. I'm all in. But it's a lot of info and I'd like to have a discussion with more knowledgeable bros.
So I read that velocity kills, makes sense. But also sectional density is important. And the 308 suffers from wind drift. Seems the 180 class would be a a strong performer but for the velocity?
I shoot a savage model 10 with a heavy barrel cut down to 20" and a ruger scout with a 16" barrel. Both 1 in 10 twist.
I'm good with the close range/ long range dual bullet set up but am trying to get to one grain wieght. I'm dialing back on the outer reaches and sticking to close to mid range being that I might only get one or two animals a year and want to stick with meat saver shots. Beyond animals, in practice, or post apocalyptic zombies I'll shoot, occasionally, way way out.
I'm leaning towards partions for close in and a-max and Speers for reaching out but am still on the fence with grain. I could shot mule deer or elk on the same hunt. I think I read the 180 grain partion performs well on light body game as well? It seems the heavier bullet has real pros but seems the 165 is very popular? Both in reading and more often unavailble, where the 180's are pretty avialable. On that note I'm looking to stock up a little as things are getting a little nuts here in Yankee land and things like the speer btsp are unavailable with no backorder in any grain. But hey, that 178 grain a-max is one sexy bullet! I should also mention I'm shooting at 7600' plus or minus so I have a little boost in performance there. Thanks for your thoughts.


17 Jan 2016
@ 05:29 am (GMT)

Bob Mavin

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
Hi David
I use 168 amax with good results close & wide on smaller Deer. The 165 partition would be a good option if you'll be shooting Elk, or the 180's. Depending on what pill your rifle likes.
17 Jan 2016
@ 07:31 am (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
hi David and welcome to the forum.
this is going to be a very interesting topic as i have thought the same, if you got a 1-10 barrel how heavy do you go.
have a read of this thread might help a little
17 Jan 2016
@ 08:56 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
I also use the 168 Amax like Bob and have had great results on all manner of light to med game out to 600 yards in our 308. Also used Nathans 22" 308 with 168 Amax's with very good stopping power and l know Nathan has taken good sized bores with that combo but shot placement is the key on the heavies.

For the Elk and other large game you may chase l would lean towards the 178 Amax to give a bit extra if shot placement is marginal. You could dual
load with the new 178 ELD-X to cover in close as the say it has a slightly tougher jacket and most likely the same PIO. Seating depth V mag length may need checking with the longer pills......not sure.

With our 1-10 30's we have accurately run 125 right through to 215's so l wouldn't get too hung up on twist rates.

18 Jan 2016
@ 07:48 pm (GMT)

david root

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
Thanks for the replies, that helps. Any thoughts on other options for good close to mid ranges? Something like the sst? Any experience with those? I'll look into the ELD-X.
Thanks again
18 Jan 2016
@ 08:13 pm (GMT)

Martin Taylor

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
As already mentioned the dependable Partition, they performed well for me after Nathans recommendation in my 06. A bit pricey but they worked well on heavy bodied Sambar deer in many different situations & ranges.
19 Jan 2016
@ 01:19 am (GMT)

Warwick Marflitt

Re: 165/8 vs. 178/180 grain in .308
I use 140 g Amax out long and Partitions for close in my 6.5 x 55 Swede
As Nathan recommended in the knowledge base. They work incredibly well
Accurate shot placement with a built for purpose bullet is the way to get
Best results. Bullets are like txt messages " once sent you can't take them
Back and You have to accept the consequences ".



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