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Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?

21 Dec 2015
@ 02:39 am (GMT)

john feyereisn

my dad got me a pound of superformace as a gift. he was under the impression that it could be usedc in any aplication that hornady has a superformance factory loading but of course that is not the case.
i shoot the following calibers
22-250, 270win, 7rem mag, 308win
the only caliber i have that hogdon lists data for that i have is the 22-250 and only then in bullet weights that are borderline with my 14"twist, 64 win power points with it would be close to the sierra 63sp.
Is there anything else i can do with this stuff?


21 Dec 2015
@ 07:45 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?
Hi John, you could run it in the 7mm Rem Mag and see how it goes. The burn rate is about right, similar to the new IMR magnum powder- forget its name now.

I need to get some blending experiments done next year for the likes of the .308. This could also go well in Thomas's .35-303 if it were possible to get the blend right. As it is, this cartridge will go well with H4895 / 2206H burn rate through to Varget / 2208. But if Thomas worked up to a mid point with BLC-2, then added SF from there on, results would be interesting, possibly duplicating the Whelen with ease. Worth it? not really. Not if you just want to load up and go hunting. Safe? Wouldn't have a clue. That's why I need to play with this sort of thing, to help prevent causing others any harm. My above statement could be completely wrong- the bulk might need to consist of SF powder with the balance being BLC-2.

I have a feeling that over the next couple of years, we will see more in the way of new powders that give SF factory ammo performance without handloaders having to 'guess the mix'. Whether these are an actual blend or completely new powders is hard to say. But from what I can see, I think there will be changes across the board and possibly this will mean the end to SF powder or at least rebranding or remarketing to reflect a fixed burn rate. Whether the industry wants to admit it or not, they are in an in-between phase across the brands. I can only hope that in this search for high velocity, we do not lose sight of such factors as ES.

02 Jan 2016
@ 05:33 pm (GMT)

steve koozer

Re: Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?
Good morning:
First post here just joined the forum this morning.

I have been working with Superformance Powder for just a little over 2 years now in various cartridges due to a lack of availability of the powders I would normally use. Typically as a direct replacement for H-4831 which is very hard to find for me over the last 2-3 years.

When I first discovered this powder and its limited data for specific cartridges I was not overly impressed. I contacted hogdon powder company to make an inquiry about data for unlisted cartridges. I was told that if it did not make an improvement in performance it was not listed. So I figured that it was tested in a wide range of cartridges and only the best were listed.
Well necessity sometimes really is the mother of invention so I plodded forward on my own some with listed data and some with my own experience.

Well guys I do not want to start a war here but I believe that Hogdon was not quite accurate with me and believe that any testing they did was very limited probably using soft wear predictions picking the best of those and then testing.

Now lets get to the meat an potato's of what I have discovered in the last couple of years.
Superformance is listed as just a bit slower burning than H-4831 and has proven to be quite similar in all my testing with equal charge rates and being able to work up past H-4831 loads I have used for a long time in various cartridges.

Superformance for me has been much easier to tune for accuracy.

Superformance has given me much more velocity with out pressure issues an any of my tests.

Superformance has given me much less barrel heating in all cartridges used in.

I used data listed for H-4831 and started one grain higher from minimum and worked up until I had what I required for accuracy and speed. So now this is my powder in .260 Rem with 100 grain Barnes TTSX bullets even though it is not listed for the 260 but is for the creedmore( go figure! pretty sly marketing)
Also in 280 rem with 120-140 grain bullets ( there is listed data)
30-06 with 165 grain bullets ( also data listed)
300 Wsm 150 grain TTSX`s (data listed)
220 Swift with 55 grain bullets ( no data listed)

My good friend and hunting buddy is currently working up a load in 6.5-06 and it has already proven to be the best accuracy he has found with 129 bullets and will continue to work with it to get the velocity and keep the accuracy. He is also planning on working this up in 6mm Rem with 85-100 grain bullets. No data listed for these

I also plan to start working with the 7 Rem Shortly with 140 grain TTSX`s bullets and I have no reason to believe that I will not see the same results. I may also work with 300 Win Mag in the future even though I have lots of 7828 for this and my 338 ultra mag.

I have with supeformance seen an increase of about 200 fps on average over H-4831 and at least equal accuracy most times better than 4831.

What I would recommend to you is start with H-4831 data for your 7mag with the bullet you would like to use. As superformance is listed as a bit slower than 4831 I started one grain higher than the listed starting loads and worked up watching for pressure signs during the load work up. I reached what I was looking for in accuracy and velocity before I encountered any pressure signs.

Take your time and be diligent in your reloading practice and load work up and you just might find that sweet load that you love and gives you the accuracy and velocity you need.
02 Jan 2016
@ 10:06 pm (GMT)

Mike Davis

Re: Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?
welcome Steve
interesting findings
the H4831 you mention is the same as AR 2213 as both are made in same plant and just labeled differently
both have SC on end of name now and have had for nearly 20 years as they made the granules shorter thus SC= short cut
now for fly in ointment
look at loading data and H4831 data will list heavier loads than the AR2213 for same projectile weights!!!!!!!!!
havent worked that one out myself yet????
and Im begiggered if I can even fit the maximum loads listed into a .270 case anyway LMAO not that I need to.
last year I ordered some hogdgon H4831 and rep said "no worries"
only to back out and supply AR2213sc instead, we can get ADI powder most times without issue.
02 Jan 2016
@ 11:09 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?
Hi Steve, no that won't start a war. As you say, SF is a tad slower than H4831. It is somewhat similar to H1000 and also the new IMR powder.

The main problem with SF is that many of us were caught out trying to duplicate the likes of Hornady's .308 Win loads when these are a blend of SF and a fast spherical powder. But otherwise, as you say, it has its uses and scope for experimentation.

In my book series, I talk about using the likes of H1000 (or other powders) to obtain velocities that are up to 250fps above normal book loads. In this regard, I cannot say that SF has shown the potential to for example, take the 7mm rem Mag past my normal recommended sweet spots of 3070 to 3125fps with a 160-162gr bullet and allow us to drive it at for example 3250fps. On the other hand, the examples you have given offer the potential to use a slow burn rate but without the same low bulk density issues we see when using course powders as per Mikes example above, the a .25-06 would be a better example of potential. So I can certainly see the merit in what you are saying for certain applications. Thanks for sharing your experiences and very useful information.
03 Jan 2016
@ 12:38 am (GMT)

steve koozer

Re: Superformace powder. What can i do with this stuff?
Sorry mates forgot to mention that is it the Sc version of 4831 I was talking about. And after I posted this morning I got to thinking about the superformance results I have been getting and perhaps why.... which I should have clued in on before now.

The 4831sc loads I had used in the past were really compressed so you can only get to a point where you cant get anymore in the case but with the superformance charge weights have gone up because it fits much better as we know. DUH I feel a bit stunned not even considering that aspect even after making up so many loads and doing so much shooting.

I think what I need to do is go back to the start and rework all my loads with more indepth investigation as to what I am doing and what I am getting for results. 4831SC is impossible to find here for me currently but I do have a pound or two on the shelf.

I think I will start with my 260 rem and 100 grain Barnes TTSX's and do a direct comparison between both powders charge weights velocity's accuracy ect. And would you know I have 50 brand new brass to work with and it is only supposed to be minus 7 tomorrow for the high which makes for an ok day at the range which is in the back yard lol but only 100 yards but good enough to start this off .

is there anyway that I can add pictures here? that way I could show group sizes and chronograph readings as I go along. Once I get through with the 260 I will move to the 280 rem and so on. I also have some work to do with my 35 Whelen but that can perhaps wait a bit. I am also currently in the late season here for cow elk so I would like to get some hunting in as well before the season closes.

And so it begins



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