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CRC Long Life for bore protection

11 Feb 2015
@ 05:21 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

I have read all of Nathan's books, and noted that he really recommends CRC LONG LIFE Anti Rust, and while it is available in New Zealand and many other areas to protect rifle bores and so on from weather, water etc., here in Canada, it is not available to us, and i was not able to get it from the US either.

For years, I have used WD-40 for this purpose, but it is not long lasting, and it does seem CRC Long Life might be a lot better.

Does anyone have an equivalent alternative or a source of the CRC Long Life product that won't break the bank to get it here?

A local business that sells a lot of other CRC products said his company cannot have it shipped here, so assumed it might be mostly due to being a highly flammable aerosol...


11 Feb 2015
@ 05:36 pm (GMT)

Thomas Kitchen

Re: CRC Long Life for bore protection
hi bryan this might be worth looking into but i havent used it so might need trial run or talk to anyone that has
11 Feb 2015
@ 06:50 pm (GMT)

Nathan Foster

Re: CRC Long Life for bore protection
Hi Bryan, at the front of the book in the kit lists are the product codes. I only found out that other countries use the code and not a branding when the book went to print so I could only slip the codes into the lists.

CRC Long Life- CRC SP-350

CRC Soft seal- CRC SP-400
11 Feb 2015
@ 07:28 pm (GMT)

Bryan Webster

Re: CRC Long Life for bore protection
Thanks guys. I can get it from the product codes Nathan posted.
20 Jun 2018
@ 02:31 pm (GMT)

Robert McLean

Re: CRC Long Life for bore protection
I know this is an old thread but I finally found a good source for CRC 350 & 400 at a reasonable price in Canada. Acklands Granger. If they don't have it in store they will bring it in within a few days. Around $15 a can as opposed to $40 inc shipping on Amazon.

21 Jun 2018
@ 12:33 am (GMT)

Paul Leverman

Re: CRC Long Life for bore protection
Not sure about other provinces, but in BC, there is Lordco. If you give them the CRC Part #73262, they should be able to source it and bring it in for you. Here in PG it takes about a week (comes in on their usual stock order).


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