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7mm - Matrix VLD

A black bear taken at 70 yards by Hazel Murray using the 7mm Practical with a 190gr Matrix bullet.  The muzzle velocity for this projectile was 2960fps, the bear ran about 10 yards and then dropped.

Entry wound with shell case.

entry wound

Inspection of the chest cavity revealed severe damage to vitals.

Hazel black bear chest vitals compressed

Lung damage

I snap shot the below boar pig with the 190 grain Matrix at 30 yards with the 7mm Practical. MV 3088fps.The boar was up above me, quartering away. The bullet entered just behind the shoulder, fragments came to rest against the skin at the axis of the skull.

Boar 30 yards

Boar 30 yards Matrix
Several vertebrae were destroyed before the Matrix finally came to rest. This is always hard on a bullet, even premium controlled expanding bullets.

190 Matrix boar 30 yards axis web large

Close up of the above photo

190 Matrix boar 30y close up web large

The below goat was taken at 525 yards, quartering on. MV 3088fps, impact velocity 2485fps. Got took about two steps, then crumpled.

190 Matrix goat at 525 yards 1

Lung damage shown above, liver damage shown below.

190 Matix goat at 525 yards 2

Another billy goat was taken at the same range. This heavy bodied billy was facing away, bullet struck the back strap (shooting down hill) and came to rest against the skin of the brisket. Penetration 18" in total. A distance of 16-18" penetration has been common for both the 168 and 190 grain Matrix bullets. This goat dropped on the spot.

190 matrix raking shot at 525 yards

More fragmentary wounding

190 grain VLD close up web small

Below is a photo of a very lean, very small nanny goat shot at 920 yards. This was a very hard test for the Matrix, I wanted to see if the Matrix VLD would fragment under under light resistance at long range where velocity is low. The result is obvious.

190 Matrix long range goat

Below is the video of the 920 yard shot (as per above picture)

Below is a Red hind shot with the 168 grain Matrix VLD, MV 2988fps, range 200 yards.

Quartering, bullet entered point of shoulder. The hind was adrenalised before the shot and managed to run another 15-20 yards after impact, before collapsing.

168 Matrix hind web large

Lung damage

168 Matrix hind web large 2

Bullet fragments entered rumen, were not tracked or recovered thereafter.

Hind web large 3 arrest

Below is a spiker Red shot at a similar distance.

168 matrix spiker web large


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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.