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7mm - Berger VLD

Below: Wound channel created by the original Berger 180gr 7mm VLD "Hunting" bullet.  This was very typical performance.

Impact velocity 2160fps

VLD web formatt.jpg

Pig. Impact velocity 3000fps

7mm 180 VLD- old style bullet.jpg

Goat.  Impact velocity 2050fps.

Old style VLD.jpg

Below: Wounds created by the current (2011) Berger orange box 7mm 180 grain VLD.  This bullet is stouter than the original

Pig, 772 yards, Impact velocity 1980fps (Video can be viewed in our Youtube Gallery-  "Long range Pig")
Note the very narrow wound through the lungs.

New 180 Berger VLD.jpg

Exit through ribs

Chest wounding of new 180 VLD.jpg

Below: Wounding through Fallow deer, orange box 180gr VLD. Twist rate 1:9, impact velocity 2346fps.

The bruising on the carcass was unusual and although it seems quite severe, the outer membrane was removed and the carcass was able to be cleaned up (after this photo was taken).

180VLD bruising compressed.jpg

180VLD 575y exit compressed.jpg

The VLD has cut a half moon through the bottom of the lungs (circled)

180VLD 575y compressed circle.jpg

Below:  Wound channel created by the new orange box 180gr 7mm VLD, after annealing the projectile.  This goat was taken at 330 yards, impact velocity 2657. The blue oval marks the primary wound channel while the smaller blue circles show secondary, widely diffused wounding caused by particles of the VLD.  This type of widely diffused wounding may seem excessive at moderate ranges but at long ranges, fragmentation ensures the fastest possible killing.

180 VLD annealed.jpg

Below, 180 grain VLD pin hole wounding on a goat at an impact velocity of 1890fps. Unfortunately, a very slow kill.

Entry through ribs plus pin hole wound through lungs

VLD entry and wounding web

Exit path

vld exit thru ribs 1015 yards web

Below is an example of a goat shot with a 180gr Berger VLD age annealed projectile. This animal was taken at a range of 430 yards using a 7mm Practical, MV 3088. The entry wound behind the ribs was so small as to be near impossible to find but the bullet eventually fully fragmented and produced a large exit wound. Ultimately, performance was very good.

Note the small entrance wound behind the rib.

7mm 180 Berger Vld Rossresize pic 1

Shot placement was quartering away but vitals were hit causing sufficient damage to the lungs as the bullet began to fragment.

7mm 180 Berger Vld Rossresize pic 2

In the next two pictures we can see the result of bullet fragmentation in the large exit wounds.

7mm 180 Berger Vld Rossresize pic 3

7mm 180 Berger Vld Rossresize pic 4

Alaska hunting. The rifle used was a .284 Winchester, Remington 700 action with custom barrel and stock, 25.5” barrel. Berger VLD (pre-2012) 168gr bullet, MV approximately 2800fps

Cows shot for meat.

Cow number one taken with a neck shot.

7 winmag berger 168 VLD caribou pic 1

7 winmag berger 168 VLD caribou pic 2

cow number 2 base of neck/anterior chest shot, 240 yards

7 winmag berger 168 VLD caribou pic 3

7 winmag berger 168 VLD caribou pic 4



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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.