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.375 Cal - 270gr Speer BTSP

A breath of fresh air after so many recent "what is the best load for my Creedmoor" emails, these photos were sent to me in June 2018 from a reader who uses the .375 H&H as his go-to rifle for hunting New Zealand game. His preferred bullet is the 270 grain Speer BTSP. More information on this can be found within the Knowledge Base section of this web site and also within my book, Long Range Hunting Cartridges.

The reader echoed my own comments within the Knowledge base when he stated:

I felt compelled to send these to you for sharing as there are many folk who post disparaging comments about the Speer BTSP bullet  as well as other 'Plain-Jane' types - as being WAY too soft.  I think people forget that the modest velocities of the H&H don't really require bonded bullets etc and that manufacturers making these plain cup n core bullets, really help those of us that use the caliber exclusively for non-dangerous game.  I would suggest that the majority of .375 shooters these days may possibly fit this description???

Quite true. Reality versus fantasy. To those of you who manage to find your way to this page, please consider this reader's wise observations. It is up to each of us to drive the market in a direction that ensures we maintain our options for the sake of the animals we hunt.

The following shows the typical performance of this bullet on Red deer, a species of animal which can be considered neither heavy nor light. U.S and Canadian hunters may wish to compare the Red deer to Mule deer, Caribou and lighter weight Elk. The reader has stated that he misses the Hornady round nose bullet which produced more violent wounding and therefore faster killing but that the Speer does at least produce uniform expansion, very good internal wounding and clean kills. I also miss some of these Hornady bullets including the .375" 225 grain Spire point and the .358" 250 grain round nose.

The Hind was taken quartering on, point of the shoulder through to the offside ribs, MV 2650fps, range 136 yards, impact velocity 2400fps. With regards to the old Sako rifle (pre-cost cut models), note the lack of a bipod, suppressor, brake, bubble level, picatinny railing, free standing pistol grip, plastic or any other nonsense. For those not familiar with such a set up, this is known as a man's rifle.

Hind 1 WL


H 1 entry WL


H 1 exit WL

Blood trail and lung fragment.

H 1 trail WL

Heart and lungs.

H 1 offal WL

Internal entry.

H 1 internal entry WL

Internal exit.

H 1 internal exit WL

Stag shot at just over 90 yards, impact velocity 2480fps.

Stag 1 wl

Internal entry.

S 1 entry internal wl

Internal exit.

S 1 exit internal wl

Exit as seen externally. Note bone fragments.

S 1 exit wl

Recovered projectiles from frontal shots.


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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.