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Target Downloads (free)

The following downloadable PDF targets are of my own design. I have been using these targets for many years. 

The first is a basic sighting in target to be used when zeroing your scope. This target has a center bull with graduations extending outwards in inch increments. There is also a second bull three inches low which can be useful as a secondary aiming point for further group assessment which often comes in handy after the initial sight in.

Please click here for my full page sight in target.

The second target is my standard double target for group testing.  This has a very bold black bull and small white center to draw the eye to center. Each A4 sheet has two targets with 1 inch increments for both group testing and to set final height (generally  3" high at 100 yards)  I have seen many odd targets over the years and a good proportion do nothing to help the shooter with natural alignment. I designed this target on basic focal principles which are lacking from other target designs.

Please click here for my 3 Inch double target for general group testing.

The above targets are for scoped rifles. If you are shooting open sights, you will need to obtain black cartridge paper and cellotape a white bull to the center (I generally use a 3-4" square bull). Again, the target downloads supplied here are designed for test shooting out to 100 yards.

There is nothing fancy about the targets.  They are not cluttered with detail or load data questionnaires (although I have put our logo on the targets). How you write down your info is completely up to you.  These are simply what I use in order to gain optimum alignment during 100 yard testing.

Please remember how to use these targets.  The first is for sighting in, the second target is the one you will use the most for test shooting.

Printer notes

When printing the PDF's, make sure that your print settings are set to 'actual' size rather than 'fit'.

If you are a high volume shooter, the bold black may become costly to print. In the past we have used an aftermarket Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS) to keep ink costs right down as we go through a lot of targets. We are now (since our last printer died) using an Epson L565 Eco tank printer which has bulk tanks built into its design. The Epson tank can be refilled straight from a bottle and costs very little to run.


Cheers, Nathan.

Double target shown below.

3 inch double target for web small



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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.