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Shushikai Karate

Shushikai togo micro


Traditional Karate, Kata, Kobudo, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

IMG 0064 WL2

Kancho Alfred Terry (left) training with Sempai Terry Foster.

Dojo Instructors: Terry Foster, Wayne Gilmer, Mathew Gilmore.

Friday 6pm to 8pm

Classes at Fitzroy Scout Hall - Clemow Road

Mathew 027 840 1552, Terry 027 404 1071, Wayne 027 767 3751

Intending, present and past members always welcome.

Email: [email protected]

Beginners: Minimum age 7 years. It’s great to see parents and their children training as well as grandparents with their grandchildren! First session free. You are never too old to start, just give it a go!

IMG 0061WL

Shushikai History/Genealogy

Gichen Funakoshi WL
Gichin Funakoshi.

Shushikai Karate traces its origins to Gichin Funakoshi's Shotokan, the style named after Funakoshi (Shoto was his pen name). Masutatsu Oyama studied Shotokan, Goju Ryu, and added some Kempo (chinese) influence, and named the style he founded Kyokushinkai. This style successfully spread internationally including New Zealand in the 1960's. The New Zealand leader was Doug Holloway.

This New Zealand Kyokushinkai group later split into two; one with Holloway, the other with John Jarvis. Holloway's group became Oyama Kyokushinkai Karate Kan, and on his retirement from Karate was headed by Doug Jackson, James Bryce, and Bob McCallum (all Sensei). In 1975 with the help of the Japanese Embassy, the name Oyama Kyokushinkai was replaced with Shushikai Karate Kan. Doug Jackson being the remaining founder, headed Shushikai and was given the title "Kancho" (first of school). In 1985 Kancho Doug Jackson retired from Karate, and in 1997 the head of Shushikai in New Zealand, Alfred Terry (yon-dan), accepted the title "O'Sensei") and in 2005, the title of “Kancho”. Kancho Doug Jackson died in Australia in 2004.
At its zenith, Shushikai was the largest karate style in New Zealand, with 13 clubs at the following cities/ towns: Auckland, Christchurch, Eltham, New Plymouth, Ohakune, Oamaru, Patea, Stratford, Taihape, Taumarunui, Timaru, Wanganui, Wellington

Mas Oyama
Masutstu Oyama 1923-1994
founder of Kyokushinkai Karate
trained in Shotokan Karate.

Doug Holloway

Doug Holloway,
Oyama Kyokushinkai Inc

John Jarvis1
John Jarvis 1940-
personal representative of
Masutatsu Oyama and Kyokushinkai.

Bob McCallum

Bob McCallum
co-founder of Shushikai Karate.

Doug Jackson

Doug Jackson
co-founder of Shushikai
first Kancho of Shushikai Karate.

James Bryce
James Bryce
co-founder of Shushikai Karate.

IMG 0069WL
Alfred Terry
Present Kancho of Shushikai Karate.

The Badge (Mon, or family crest) of Shushikai Karate Kan

The badge worn by kai-in(students) on the left side of the karate training jacket is known as the togo. It derives from the times when the ancient Japanese warring clans needed an easily visible way to identify who was on which side in skirmishes and battles. The 'mon' as it was called became adapted and used by most styles of karate and is known in Shushikai as our 'togo'.
Shushikai togo WL
The Shushikai togo is very distinctive. The design symbolises core qualities aimed to be developed through training in the Shushikai style. The crossed white feathers represent the plumage of the Japanese hawk. The hawk is renowned for its amazing fleetness of attack and pin-point accuracy of its strike against its prey. The hawk attacks only from necessity - to eat/survive. The six-sided shape of the togo symbolises qualities found in the turtle/tortoise. This animal may seem slow and ponderous but despite its obvious handicaps it demonstrates the strengths of perseverance, resoluteness and refusal to give up against almost any odds.
So - the hawk and the turtle have much to teach us both in attitude and in skill. Together they give us a balance of qualities that the founders of the Shushikai style believed were, and will always remain, worthy.
The colours of the Shushikai togo are predominantly black and yellow for no other reason than these primary colours are regarded as having the most graphical visual impact.

Incidentally, the Japanese word Karate is a compound of two words. 'Kara' means 'empty'. 'Te' means 'hand'. Karate means Empty Hand. The preparedness for combat lacking weapons other than one's own body.
Logo 1 WL

Alfred Terry (Kancho)
Steve Shaw (Sandan, sensei)
Ernie Moore (Nidan, sempai)
Robert Fergusson (Nidan, sempai)
Kerry Stratton (Nidan, sempai)
Derek Leitch (Nidan, sempai)
Stan Terry (Shodan, sempai)
Barry Hart (Shodan, sempai)
James Terry (Shodan, sempai)
Nigel Hough (Nidan, sempai)
Mike Thomas (Shodan), sempai
Scott Thompson (Shodan, sempai)
Craig Hands (Shodan, sempai)
Brendan Hands (Shodan), sempai
Eddie Hinson (Shodan), sempai
Marilyn Fulham (Shodan, sempai)
Chris Dufton (Shodan, sempai)
Mathew Shaw (Shodan, sempai)

Yudansha (black belts) and grades/titles

Christopher Jones (Sandan, sensei)
Bill Robinson (Nidan, sempai)
Terry Foster (Sandan, sensei)
Wayne Gilmer (Sandan, sensei)
Shane Lowe (Shodan, sempai)
Laurie Wills (Shodan, sempai)
Gerard Clarke (Shodan, sempai)
Selwyn Oakes (Shodan, sempai)
Ken Moody (Shodan, sempai)

Doug Jackson (Kancho, deceased)
Trevor Jackson (Shodan, sempai)
Gavin Jackson (Shodan, sempai)
Bernice Jackson (Shodan, sempai)
Jacko Ta'ala (Sandan, sensei)
Benko Ta'ala (Shodan, sensei)
Wayne Pedley (Shodan, sempai)
Wille Siataga (Shodan, sempai)
Colin Farley (Shodan, sempai)

James Bryce (Sandan, sensei)
Ron Philpott (Sandan, sensei)
Bob Pomare (Shodan, sempai)
Barry Flewellyn (Shodan, sempai)
Garth Bell (Shodan, sempai)
Tom Walsh (Shodan, sempai)
Francis Pauwels (Shodan, sempai)
Sonny Te'Huia (Shodan, sempai)

Bob McCallum (Sandan, sensei)
Tracy McCallum (Shodan, sempai)


Photo Gallery

Purnell house WL

Photo taken in Purnell House dojo, Wanganui, in 1983.

Back Row standing: joshu Colin Farley, Bernice Jackson, ?

Next Row kneeling, sempai Gavin Jackson, sempai Trevor Jackson, sempai Andrew Jackson, sempai Masaki Yasumoto.

In front: Kancho Douglas Jackson.


A summer Gashaku at Camp Huinga in the early 1980's.Sensei Chrisopher Jones at front.
Next row: Ian McNabb, Tony Sisarich, Colleen Jones (Brown), Jackie Bird, Eddie Hinson, Ernie Moore, Robert Fergusson.
Back Row: Shane McNabb, Andy Weir, Laurie Wills, ..?.., Howard ?, Paul Taylor, ..?.., Geoff Chao.

Can you name those missing?

Bell BlockWL

This photo was taken at Bell Block beach after a beach training session in the 1980's. More than likely, Gilmer sempai (now sensei) was behind the lens. In front is Foster sempai (now sensei). Do any of those reading this recognise anyone else in the photo? The names/faces Grant Everest (back row centre) and Chris Elliott (front row left) and Graeme Elliott (front row right) spring to miind.

Tewera 85

Te Wera Gashaku 1996. Do you recognise yourself amongst these people?
Back Row: Willie Topia, ..?..,
Third Row: ..?..
Second Row: ..?..

First Row: Foster sempai, Gilmer sempai, Robinson sempai, (James) Terry sempai..?...
Front Row: Shushikai Kancho (Alred Terry), Sakura Kan Kancho (James Salter).

Gerard ClarkeWL

Sempai Gerard Clarke and John Hood in YMCA dojo during the 1980's

Stratford WL

Stratford Shushikai branch (Wharehuia Hall) 26th January, 1996.
Back Row: Foster sempai, Sheena Bourne, ..?.., Nathan Foster, William Hooper, Gilmer sempai.
Middle Row: Martyn Hepburn, Kieran Dollard, Mathew Gilmer.
Front Row: Joshua Foster, ..?.., ..?.., Hayden Hooper.

IMG 2150[2]

Outdoor juniors training session, Brooklands Park, New Plymouth, 07th December 2017. Jacob, Foster sensei, Lochlan, Brendan.

IMG 20220916 194055 crop web large


Back Row: Madisson (1st kyu Kenashido karate), Kancho Jeff Pardey (Kenashido karate), Foster sensei (Shushikai). Front Row: Phoenix (7th Kyu Shushikai,), Oliver (5th kyu Shushikai). Photo taken 2022. 

Errors and ommissions excepted re the above. If you, the reader, know of any others to add to these lists, please feel to contact Shushikai at the e-mail address herewith.



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