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The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting is here!!

Written by Nathan Foster on October 27th, 2015.      4 comments

Long Range Shooting Cover web

Hi everyone, the final book in our series is now here. If you have ever wondered what it is like to shoot with me, then here is your chance to learn through this step by step tutorial book.

Step out of the flock, learn how to shoot straight and learn how to shoot long.
The Practical Guide To Long range shooting starts with the very basics. And while some may see the basics as boring, if you will allow me (by following the methods), I will break your current methods, then rebuild your form so that you are a much better shooter all around. Once this has been achieved, we can then step out to long ranges and engage in more advanced topics. Having said this, the approach I have taken is the same as with all of what I do and teach – we find a simple approach.
This book is also a complete manual in that it includes chapters on hunting kit (back packing) and game field dressing. These are aspects that I felt were important as a means to avoid having a one dimensional approach to long range hunting and shooting.
This is perhaps the most controversial of the series as I turn everything upside down relative to the current status quo.  If you are willing to work with me by following each step, we will break new ground together. We will reclaim what has been lost in a world where shooting skills have deteriorated and we will set new standards. I firmly believe that this book is and will be the standard reference for those who seek to be the best in precision shooting in years to come. But in truth, I also believe that there may be a difficult path ahead. Such is the way when a person decides not to follow the herd. And yet, results will speak for themselves.
IMG 9794 septread WS
Whether you are a civilian, police or military shooter this book can help you.
If you are a military instructor, this book is an invaluable resource. Why? Because there is a big difference between being a good shot and actually being able to recognize why Billy Bob is a good shot while Frank just ain’t cutting it. One of my core skills is the ability to recognize where folk go wrong when shooting. Further to this, tutors need to be aware of how they can inadvertently put students wrong.
Prone work WS
This book will teach you traditional shooting methods that are now for the most part a lost art. But further to this, I bring in my own experience such as that relayed in the chapter regarding recoil pad positioning. We will also look at modern methods and how and when these are best employed. This will help to make you a more rounded shooter with a key focus for this book being ‘transferable skills’.
Please note that on our shopping page, there is a link to download a PDF of the table of contents for The Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting. This will give you a good summary of the many subjects covered within the book.

This launch also sees the release of the 2nd edition of my book, the Practical Guide To Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing And Maintenance. This book has become immensely popular and is now loaded with even more information on how to get the very best out of your rifle. 
All the best,
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Mark Barrett - Arizona says ...
This is an outstanding book for all shooters and hunters. I shared my copy with 3 friends and they bought their own copies. Going back to basics has improved my shooting skills. I was so impressed I bought all Nathan's books except the cartridge book. If I had such a comprehensive library 44 years ago I would have had more enjoyment in hunting and shooting. These books are a must have for hunters, reloaders, and precision shooting enthusiasts. Thank you Nathan. I'm getting consistant half inch 100 yard groups after studying and applying your techniques.
Mike B. says ...
Excellent - much thanks Nathan! (no doubt I'll end up buying it anyway...)
Nathan says ...
Thanks Mike, the second edition has the following added chapters:

Care of slow fouling bores (also covered in Reloading).
Care of chrome lined bores (e.g AR rifles).
Throat leade angle.
DIY poured lead lapping and pros and cons.
Other very minor clarifications.

From memory it's about 30-36 pages longer. These additions fully round this book off. However, the first edition has helped shooters achieve major success so it is not a deal breaker if you do not have this edition.

Mike B. says ...
Nathan - have been looking forward to the Shooting techniques book and have already purchased and started reading it!

One question - you also mention that the 2nd edition of the Bolt Action Rifle Accurizing and Maintenance book is now out. Having read the first edition through twice, and having recently received my Stock Stabilizer and Match Grade Bedding Compound (thanks!), this weekend was going to see me starting to stabilize/bed my rifle. Are there enough changes in the 2nd Edition to warrant a new purchase/re-read? Is there any way for a prior purchaser to have a sense of 'what's new' in the 2nd edition?

Love your work and keep at it!

Thanks and all the best,
Mike B.


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