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Easter special

Written by Nathan Foster on March 24th, 2016.      0 comments

Hi everyone, we need your help. And to kick things off, we are offering an Easter special:

Easter book special- 15% off the Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting
The best book you will ever read if you want to become a better hunter and long range shooter.
We need your help

These are our goals for this year:
  • Upload more cartridge research to the Knowledge base.
  • Purchase and test new bullet / cartridge designs.
  • Youtube uploads.
  • Continue to provide email support where possible.
  • Continue to fund the website and forums.
To be able to perform these activities we need your support. It took eight years to complete the first half of the knowledge base, pouring personal funds into making our research available to the public. We do not want to take another eight years to give you what you want! Instead, we would like to be able to put all of our efforts towards completing the Knowledge base. We cannot do this alone and this is a critical time for us. In plain terms, decisions made now will affect the rest of our year.
I am a great fan of the medium bores and to be honest, the Knowledge base is unbalanced without the addition of these cartridges - there is a great deal we wish to share with you.

If you have been thinking about buying any of the books or products, now is the time. If you have not already read the books and need a push, we can state in all honesty that the books will help you immensely while your purchase helps us to continue to provide our services. The books are easy to read and will get you on track. They are utilized by both amateurs and professionals.

If you already have the books, we would also be very grateful for any plugs via social media or whatever avenue you can think of. Please spread the word! The books are packed full of useful information that can save a shooter hundreds and often thousands of dollars long term.

If you are in a position to donate, we would be immensely grateful for this. I have been donating a good 1500 hours per year helping folk with their projects.  Now we need your help. As stated, this is a critical time for us and all funds donated will be put towards the cause.

As an incentive, we will be offering the Practical Guide To Long Range Shooting with a 15% discount over Easter. This book is the clincher in the series, an ideal gift for a shooting buddy. Other discounts will remain over Easter including our Entire Collection 25% off deal along with the 10 and 15% reductions on bundles.

To view  book deals, please visit:

To help us by making a donation, please visit this page:

For those who have not seen my latest Youtube uploads, please visit my channel:

Videos of interest include the Kapiti talks, bullet talk and long range shooting interview (and the stinging nettle video for those who have aching joints). The Kapiti talk in particular covers a variety of topics from bedding to suppressor usage through to shooting technique. Please spread the word.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to all for your ongoing support. As I mentioned earlier, you have made a difference in our lives. I very much hope that we have made an equally positive impact on your lives.

All the best, Steph and Nathan.

PS: A quick Review of the Sierra TMK:
Recently I have been testing Sierra’s Polymer tipped Matchking (don’t worry, I’ll be into the new ELD-X range soon enough). This is a relatively new high BC bullet design from Sierra boasting a massive hollow point behind its big green tip. As a quick summary - it works extremely well as a long range hunting projectile. The 168gr .308 in particular has been a great bullet. As a testimony to its performance I made up a batch of downloads for Riley (now 9) with a hefty load of Trail Boss and a magnum primer yielding 1650fps. I zeroed at 120 yards and the load shot fairly flat in between and beyond, again thanks to its very high BC. Riley was able to shoot accurately at the range (as if I would let her get away with anything less) and also use the load in the field to bag two feral goats. Both went down immediately (one shot at exactly 120 yards and the other around 30 yards). Wounding was thorough and penetration excellent. Recoil was near nonexistent for the wee lass yet the pay load was emphatic for close range work.

The 168gr TMK works equally well at full velocities and can tackle reasonable body weights at close ranges without issues. Wounds are devastating.

This is a very long projectile and takes up good deal of magazine space with a COAL of around 2.815” / 71.5mm working effectively. I you are looking for something a little different to try in your .308 or .30-06, give this a go.
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We are a small, family run business, based out of Taranaki, New Zealand, who specialize in cartridge research and testing, and rifle accurizing.