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Custom Lee 7mm Practical Die Set- 7mm Practical

Custom Lee 7mm Practical Die Set- 7mm Practical
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The 7mm Practical has proven to be an outstanding long range cartridge, continuing to gain worldwide popularity since it was first introduced to hunters in 2011. This cartridge cannot be directly compared to the likes of the .28 Nosler or other modern 7mm magnums as none have undergone this level of research and development. The 7mm Practical is not just a fast cartridge. The geometry of its design combines high power with optimum accuracy, it takes modern bullet designs versus ideal OAL's into account while also taking long term throat wear into consideration. Designed to make life easy for the barrel maker, gun smith and end user, the 7mm Practical is a joy to work with.

Now with the help of Lee Precision, we are able to offer custom die sets to further simplify reloading and enhance accuracy.

U.S shooters please note, these dies are also available through Manson Precision Reamers. If you are in the U.S (or Canada), please purchase your dies from Manson reamers to avoid (double) international shipping costs.

Note also that these dies are at this time being manufactured in limited runs until we have a full grasp on demand (current demand has already taken us by surprise).

Die set Includes:

Full Length die
Use this for initial case forming prior to fireforming.

Neck die
To be used for ongoing reloading as a means to achieve optimum accuracy. This die utilizes Lee's unque collet system which collapses around the case neck, rather than drawing the case 'through' the die as per traditional dies which can cause neck concentricity issues. Note: Do not use this die for initial case forming.

Seating die
Designed specifically for the Practical, the Lee seater features a floating collet design and has a custom seater button to aid concentricity when loading sleek bullet designs such as the ELD-X, ELD-M and TMK.

Spare undersized mandrel
The Lee neck die utilizes an inner mandrel to determine neck tension. This spare undersized mandrel can be used as a means to experiment with tight neck tension.

Shell holder
Lee number 5 shell holder.

Basic instructions
As supplied by Lee.  
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