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Re: Nathan is ill

19 Mar 2019
@ 01:32 am (GMT)


Hi Nathan.
It's been awhile since I have checked in here, I haven't been doing much shooting for a while, anyway... Sorry to see you weren't doing so well.
Because my lack of shooting, I still do it but not as regular, I have mostly looked at general topics or off topics. I understand Steph's and your frustrations, simple topics getting beat to death when a thread search would probably solve ones gun related issues. But these days everyone wants an instant result, there need is of most importants, not stopping to think of others that have set out all this info and more in a ready to go package which is also there livelyhood. Not knowing how good they have it.
It's like what has been mentioned before, .... Give an inch take a mile. Often people are too self absorbed to realize what they are getting, and how good it is. As to not take advantage of that good thing.
Do you remember the dukes of Hazzard, "them good old boys" they would often mention. I figure that's you, and no doubt your family. I take that as meaning...From the old school, kind to a fault kind of thing, too kind. Genuine. Take that time to look out for number 1, and in your case 2 and 3.
Anyway... The general posts I have seen you made recently have been quite inspirational. It's a side of you I rarely seen before the off topic section started.
more wisdom and wise words other than just rifle talk. Great post in the Christchurch thread and the post about family/daughter talk. (Nice photo, Riley is growing up fast)

Sorry if that's hard to read, in summary... Thanks for all your hard work and personal help I received from you. I'm glad your on the mend again, also thanks to your family for allowing me to share your time with them.
Thank you, take care.


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